Welcome to the homepage of La Crosse Hwa Rang Do!!  We are a traditional Korean martial art group affiliated with the World Hwa Rang Do Association located in the La Crosse Wisconsin Coulee Region.  We offer training in practical self-defense, sports combat, character development, and more! Through our development programs and our martial training, we are working to cultivate the values of brotherhood, dedication, and courage!  Our efforts are not just limited to the Coulee Region.  We also assist with students across Wisconsin, especially in the Eau Claire and River Falls area.

If you are looking to learn self-defense, expand your horizons, or you want to do something that is different then what you will find in other martial art schools, our community may be just what you are looking for!

If you are interested in learning more about what we do, feel free to contact us below or check out our Facebook page for more information.

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